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Includes all Decepticon/Constructicons; Bonecrusher (bulldozer), Scavenger (excavator), Scrapper (front end loader), Hook (crane), Long Haul (dumptruck), Mixmaster (cement mixer), and all misc. parts as shown in pictures.All items have minimal play wear and are in very exceptional shape. I want to keep things up front and honest so I show the most wear and only damage in one of the pictures; a few little dents on the front of "Hook", and one small broken shield that I had to glue back together, other than that everything is in very decent shape, solid and fully functional. I would like to keep it firm on the price, compared to a lot of other original, non re-issue G1 Transformers that are out there like mine you will find that what I'm asking for is very fair. I would just like to sell it sooner than later. For time of purchase I would prefer to meet somewhere close to my area, and cash only please, thank you.