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Includes all Autobot/Technobots; Scattershot - leader (spacecraft), Afterburner (cycle), Lightspeed (car), Nosecone (tankdrill), Strafe (plane), and all misc. parts as shown in pictures.All items have very minimal play wear and are in very exceptional shape. I would like to keep it firm on the price, compared to a lot of other original, non re-issue G1 Transformers that are out there like mine you will find that what I'm asking for is very fair. I would just like to sell it sooner than later. I would also like to inform you that I have noticed that on the non-original G1 re-issues that they have come out with that Computrons foot pad that fits into Nosecone is centered. As far as I know none of the original ones like mine were manufactured that way, they were actually all off centered because of the hole set up on Nosecone. For time of purchase I would prefer to meet somewhere close to my area, and cash only please, thank you.